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Andy now works with Grain Architecture in Surrey on sustainable architecture using natural building materials. 


Andy's aim is to help clients produce bright, healthy, and environmentally sustainable buildings that achieve their aims for an affordable cost.

I can:

  • Survey existing buildings

  • Develop design options

  • Advise on sustainability

  • Produce hand and computer drawings, & computer and physical models

  • Obtain Planning Permission

  • Produce technical drawings

  • Apply for Building Control approval

  • Assist in tendering and contract preparation

  • Provide technical assistance during construction


Site survey hand drawings


(RIBA Stages 0-1)

An initial meeting you to discuss the project feasability, develop your aims into a brief, and establish a project programme. I will normally do a survey of the existing building/site at this point.


(RIBA Stage 2)

I will draw up a set of existing drawings, and develop initial design options from the brief. This acts as a conversation starter for the design process.


(RIBA Stage 3)

Through a series of meetings, discussions and design revisions, a scheme will be settled on and developed.

I will prepare drawings and other planning information (if required) sometimes we'll need consultants for things like ecology or drainage.



(RIBA Stage 4)

The drawings will be brought up to a level to satisfy Building Regulations and to allow them to built from. We may need input from a Structural Engineer or Quantity Surveyor.

If necessary, I will help you tender the project to select a builder, and prepare a contract.


(RIBA Stage 5)

The project becomes a reality!

Additional details may well be needed to overcome or resolve difficulties or design changes.

Regular site visits and a simple contract help things run smoothly on site and provide a clear system to resolve any issues or conflicts.


(RIBA Stages 6-7)

The project is completed and full control is handed back to the you. Final payments are made following a defects period when the contractor has returned to make sure every little thing is dealt with. Once you are living in/using the building I will visit to discuss how the project went and what can be learnt from it for future projects.


More information about me and the services I offer.

Professional and student design projects I've worked on and building projects I've volunteered on.

If you've got a project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch!

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