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For my final Part II project at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) I looked at way of sustainable developing a rural village in Wales. I developed a strategy for the entire settlement, looking at where in-fill housing and commercial development would be appropriate. Where there were possibilities for larger housing developments I proposed layouts that would encourage walking and community engagement. I also looked at how you could modify existing developer housing estates to encourage walking and how roads, drives and gardens could be re-organised to group parking together and create large shared gardens and smaller private gardens.

The main focus of the project was my proposed Earthwork Centre. A sustainable version of a home and garden centre that would provide employment and bring visitors to the village. The centre would have areas focused on drought resistant plant, edible species and native species as well as having large polytunnels growing food which would be served in the restaurant. There are also areas for teaching sustainable building techniques and a builders' merchant selling ecological building materials. The aim of the centre would be to teach and sell everything required to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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